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USER HOME COURSE HOME COMMUNICATE STUDY RESOURCES LOGOUT Account Information : Course History : Webliography : Archives : LUTHER SETZER Your test grade is 90 percent The professor has configured this test to allow students to review: Questions answered incorrectly. Questions answered correctly. Students answers. Correct answers. Question 1 - Multiple Choice ID: 4719630 Correct Question: Which of the following is an actual disadvantage of the divisional approach? Duplication of resources by two or more departments Increased specialization in occupation skills Reduced competition among divisions Slow service Inferiority of general manager and executive skills Question 2 - Multiple Choice ID: 4719596 Correct Question: In many industries, it is no longer meaningful to talk about the 'American market' or the 'Japanese market', rather, as a 'global market'. This is because of Polycentrism Global responsibility Uncertainty avoidance International taxation Global shift Question 3 - Multiple Choice ID: 4719655 Correct Question: All of the following are team performance problems EXCEPT Free riders Nonconforming high performers Lack of rewards for teamwork Groupthink Synergy Question 4 - Multiple Choice ID: 4719620 Correct Question: The expectation that a manager must be able to justify results to another manager at a higher level refers to Formalization Delegation Authority Accountability... View Full Document

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