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Week Two Assignment: Regionalism January 19, 2009 Topic: Regionalism, Multicentered Communities, Mega Cities, Political Economy and Capitalism Week Two Readings: 1. Read the lecture notes that are found on Blackboard: Course Documents 2. Read Chapter One in the text: The New Urban Sociology Activities: 1. Make certain to look at the photographs of London. There will be a future assignment that will be built around the concept of selling a city through visual imagery. 2. You should begin to read newspaper articles about issues pertaining to cities. The questions that you will submit for the January 29 assignment will aid you in developing your responses to the questions for the following assignment. 3. Answer questions 2 & 4 at the end of Chapter One. (Due Thursday, January 29, 2009) a) (Question 2) The authors suggest that most of the time we do not consciously think ... View Full Document

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