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Discussion (WK8) Case #6 -- West Side Furniture WEST SIDE FURNITURE OK all of you aspiring sales managers/entrepreneurs, one of the most difficult and challenging tasks is that of managing a sales force. Assess Susan's strategy in terms of her target market(s)and sales force. Focus on what the sales force should be doing as you answer the questions on page 671. Also, I would like your opinion of "How great sales managers motivate". Your response is due the end of week #8 NOTE: Post your initial comments to the discussion by clicking on the first "Respond" link below. To give feedback to a classmate's post, click on the "Respond" link below his/her comment. West Side Furniture Q1. Contrast Lupita Venturas strategy and thoughts about her salespeople with their apparent view of her strategy and especially their role in it? Ventura says her local cable TV spots and newspaper advertising seem to attract her target market, but many of these people come in, shop around and leave. Some of them come back, but most do not. Maybe because Ventura carries some higher-priced furniture lines. I would but most do not.... View Full Document

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