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Creative Middle Way Solutions to Moral Problems 1. Easy Choices One obligation clearly outweighs the other: An engineer is considering specifying a product that is only slightly cheaper, but of much lower quality and clearly unsafe.-Conflicting Values: a) Slightly lower price vs. b) Longer Life and Safety 2. Hard Choices Conflicting values of roughly equal weight or at least both of great value Example of Quaker Engineer: a) Religious obligation vs. b) Obligation to family Example #1 A supervisor asks a student to fill out a time sheet indicating he worked on Project B when he in fact worked on Project A. The supervisor had money for Project B, but had run out of money for project A.-Conflicting Values a) Summer job vs. b) Professional and personal integrity, risk of legal problems Student: I will just work for nothing on that project-Supervisor paid student out of his own pocket Example #2 An businessperson in Egypt is asked for a bribe. Conflicting values: a) Getting the business vs. b) Personal integrity and perhaps legal problems Instead, he adopts a donation strategy. His firm plants a large number of orange trees in the area. Example #3 A businessperson in Tanzania is asked for a bribe. Conflicting values: a) Getting the business vs. b) Sacrificing personal integrity and risking legal problems Instead, he assembled tools and vehicles and trained locals to service them, enabling better protection of wildlife services Example #4 Brad finds that his work is not being checked, as his supervisor alleges. Conflicting values: a) Keeping job vs. b) Risking personal integrity, professional reputation, and possible legal problems Options: 1. Ask supervisor to check 2. Ask friends in the firm to help him change supervisors mind 3. Find another job and report to Texas Board of Professional Engineers 4. Find another job and keep the information to himself 5. Go to the press and blow the whistle 6. Continue in his present job without protest... View Full Document

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