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Syllabus Course Syllabus CS113: Academic Strategies for the Business Professional TABLE OF CONTENTS Click on a link below to view that section in the syllabus. Academic Appeals Policy Discussion Boards Plagiarism Policy Attendance/Tardiness Policy Grading Criteria/Course Evaluation Projects Course Calendar Instructors Grading Criteria/Timetable Rubrics Course Description Instructor and Seminar Information Seminars Course Information Instructor and Seminar Information Tutoring Course Materials Late Work Policy Course Outcomes Netiquette COURSE INFORMATION TOP Term: 10-03 C Dates: July 28, 2010 through October 5, 2010 Course Number/Section: CS113-19 Course Title: Academic Strategies for the Business Professional Credit Hours: 5 Prerequisites: None We strongly recommend that you complete the Campus Tour , available on your Student Homepage. This essential tutorial discusses hardware and software requirements as well as presenting an overview of learning with the eCollege platform. 1 INSTRUCTOR AND SEMINAR INFORMATION TOP Instructor Name and Credentials: Sara Howeller, J.D. Kaplan Email Address: AIM Instant Messenger Name: SaraHoweller AIM Office Hours (EST): 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday evenings Course/Seminar Day and Time (EST): 8:00 p.m. (EST) Wednesdays COURSE MATERIALS TOP Textbook Information Title: None Author: ISBN: Publisher: Software Requirements Microsoft Office Professional 2003 (or Later) **Includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint AOL Instant Messenger: (for visiting Prof during Office Hours): If you are not an AIM Member you can download the free service by visiting the following site: COURSE DESCRIPTION TOP Designed to facilitate personal and professional success, this course introduces students to the purposes and processes of university education. An emphasis is placed on study, communication, and thinking skills that support academic achievement. Students also examine the relationship between learning and motivation. COURSE OUTCOMES TOP Course Outcomes: By the end of this course, you should be able to: 1. Demonstrate basic critical reading, writing, and reasoning skills 2. Use a variety of personal management tools and strategies to enhance learning 3. Use problem solving skills to increase academic and professional proficiency 4. Identify career paths and goals General Education Outcomes: In addition, the following General Education outcomes are assessed during this course: 1. Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English COURSE CALENDAR TOP Unit # and Topic Learning Activities Assessments Unit 1: You Can Do It Reading Discussion Assignment Seminar Discussion Posts Assignment-Project Unit 2: Manage Your Time and Stress Reading Discussion Assignment Seminar Discussion Posts Assignment-Project Unit 3: Learning Styles Reading Lassi Inventory Discussion Assignment Seminar Discussion Posts Assignment-Project Unit 4: Critical Thinking ... View Full Document

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