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Sperm 1 The and the Egg Your Name 2 It has been a time traveling to be able to get here to the infundibulum. The infundibulum is the outer part of the female fallopian tube. The name that I go by is Egg, although some of my sisters have the same name. You can say that my secret admire is named Sperm, and I have going through this path for what seems forever. My friend Sperm is a male germ cell, who I had admire for awhile now and if everything goes by plan we will be able to meet. I have been waiting for this moment throughout my entire life to meet my secret admire. As I got here today it was not easy process to get here. The place that I was staying at was called the womens ovary. The place that I was out had around 400,000 eggs, but then she went through a break called puberty and only about 400 of us survived. As the remaining 400 we were lucky enough to become ripened ova. They way I look at the situation it is my turn to be the ova who suppresses the growth of other ova in order to be released during the ovulation. When leaving my childhood home, the ovary, I have made it to my current location, called the fallopian tube. In the fallopian tube is where I wanted to wait for my secrets admire, sperm, to arrive. When going down the road to the fallopian tube it took some time, and thats why the ovulation takes place about two weeks before menstruation to take place. In looking at the tube at the tube it is only 4 inches long, but in order to be ready meet my secret admire, Sperm, I have to travel through various parts of the tube. As I go to met a small group which is known as cilia. The cilia have tiny hair like projections that me along the path. With the help of the cilia it made it possible for me to move about an inch per day. 3 As of now I have been in the fallopian tube for just as little over a day, and I just hope that my secret admire, Sperm, is making a good time with his path as well. Overall if he is not here to meet me within two days of leavings my ovary I will not be able to become fertilized. To be honest I am quite nervous about how Sperms path is going. He has let me know about the path and how it seems it just as difficult mine. as The Sperm has started something in his life called the male testicle, which he has gone through a 72 day process of spermatogenesis. He had to go through a system in order to be able to meet me here in the fallopian tube. Sperm has let me know I only contain the female chromosome, X. The sperm has the ability to contain either a female or male chromosome, which is X or Y. The way I look at it sperm has an important job of determine whether we will be become a male or female embryo at the process of fertilization. When the sperm was ready fro his path of nature he has made his way to the epididymis as he continued to mature. The sperm had to wait another two to four week before he was mature enough to move to the Vans Deferens tube. As his path continue into the seminal vesicle where he received nourishment from seminal fluid in fructose. With this nourishment it helped sperm with his path to move forward. While everything to take place the other organs like the prostate and Cowpers gland are busy making secretions that will be combined with my friend, Sperm, and the seminal vesicle fluid to make what is called the semen. As the Sperm has become part of the ejaculate that he ready to be expelled though the males penis during the activity of sexual intercourse. When he is expelled he can begin his path to meet me here in the fallopian tube. 4 The sperm must travel quickly after ejaculation. As sperm travel millions will race through the cervical canal, onto the uterus and then continuing their battle to be the first one to reach an ovum waiting in the fallopian tube. This will be the fastest and strongest to penetrate my hard outer lining. As the sperm penetrates the lining will undergo a chemical change that will be us to become an embryo that will continue down the fallopian tube to be implanted in the uterus until birth. What I hope for is my friend sperm is strong and fast to swim out his family members. They way it looks like it might be a tight race. 5 References What to Expect. (2008). How fertilization happens. Retrieved July, 4, 2009 from http:// aspx ... View Full Document

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