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The Sperm and the Egg Your Name 1 It has been a time traveling to be able to get here to the infundibulum. The infundibulum is the outer part of the female fallopian tube. The name that I go by is Egg, although some of my sisters have the same name. You can say that my secret admire is named Sperm, and I have going through this path for what seems forever. My friend Sperm is a male germ cell, who I had admire for awhile now and if everything goes by plan we will be able to meet. I have been waiting for this moment throughout my entire life to meet my secret admire. As I got here today it was not easy process to get here. The place that I was staying at was called the womens ovary. The place that I was out had around 400,000 eggs, but then she went through a break called puberty and only about 400 of us survived. As the remaining 400 we were lucky enough to become ripened ova. They way I look at the situation it is my turn to be the ova who suppresses the growth of other ova in order to be released during the ovulation.... View Full Document

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