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Chapter 16 1. Which of the following best describes Project Verb ? Student Response a. media literacy curriculum for adolescent girls that promotes healthy body images b . government campaign to encourage school children to be more physically active c. nationwide initiative that aims to improve the nutritional disparity among senior citizens d. fundraising campaign to supplement the financial revenues institutions will lose when vending machines are banned from public schools 2. What are dental caries? Student Response a. cavities b. spotting on tooth enamel c. space that is left following the loss of teeth d. juvenile teeth 3. Obesity in children is defined as: Student Response a. BMI 100th percentile. b. BMI 85th percentile. c. BMI 95th percentile. d. BMI 75th percentile. 4. On average, Americans have a life expectancy that reaches into the: Student Response a. early seventies. b. late eighties. c. early eighties. d . late seventies. 5. In older adults, which of the following is a mineral important to a healthy immune system and wound healing? Student Response a. calcium b. zinc c. vitamin A d. vitamin C 6. Girls gain more body fat through adolescence than do boys. Student Response True 7. Limiting sugary sweets in children's diets is only important once their permanent teeth have erupted. Student Response False 8. The growth spurt starts earlier in boys than in girls. Student Response False 9. School lunches are not regulated by the federal government. Student Response False 10. High intake of fiber may be harmful in young children, as it may interfere with the absorption of nutrients. Student Response True 11. Meals-on-Wheels is a nonprofit food program that: Student Response a. provides coupons to low-income seniors to purchase food at local farmers' markets. b . delivers fully prepared meals to homebound ill and elderly clients. c. offers canned goods and other nonperishable food items to seniors free of charge. d. provides coupons to low-income seniors to purchase food at local grocery stores. 12. Janie is four years old. What serving size of green beans would you recommend for her? Student Response a. 4 tablespoons b. 6 tablespoons c. 3 tablespoons d. 2 tablespoons 13. Which of the following correctly describes "milk displacement"? Student Response a. the self-weaning of an infant from breast milk b. the avoidance of dairy products due to the fear of agricultural contaminants c. ... View Full Document

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