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Assignment: Clinical Assessment 1. I would ask the family if they had any information on Claras birth family, what were the circumstances surrounding her adoption? Did Claras birth family voluntarily give her up for adoption or was Clara forcibly taken from them, if so, why? Was Clara in a foster home? Are there any siblings in the family, if so, are they older or younger, same sex or opposite sex? Is there a daily routine in place for Clara? How has Clara been in your custody? Is there anything in particular that seems to trigger Claras tantrums? Have you found any methods that make these tantrums better or worse? Has anything happened at school recently? 2. In my opinion it would be beneficial to use a naturalist observation in this situation. Letting the Dr evaluate Clara in her everyday environment might give them an idea of what triggers tantrums and an insight as to suggestions for how to plan a daily routine for Clara.... View Full Document

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