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IS589 Networking Concepts and Applications Homework week 1 October 26, 2010 Page 1 Ch 1: Question 13 13. Describe the five layers in the Internet network model and what they do. Layer Purpose Application Layer Used by application program. It is the users access to the network. By using the application software, the user defines what messages are sent over the network. Transport Layer Responsible for establishing end-to-end connections, translates domain names into numeric addresses, segments messages and detect lost messages and request that they be resent. Network Layer Responsible for end-to-end addressing and routing, determines destination address if unknown. Data Link Layer Deals with message delineation, error control and network medium access control. Physical Layer Is the physical connection between the sender and receiver, defines how individual bits are formatted to be transmitted through the network. Its role is to transfer a series of electrical, radio, or light signals through the circuit. The physical layer includes all the hardware devices (e.g., computers, modems, and hubs) and physical media (e.g., cables and satellites). Ch 2: Question 7 7. Compare and contrast two-tier, three-tier, and n-tier client-server architectures. What are the technical differences, and what advantages and disadvantages does each offer? ... View Full Document

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