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Compare and Contrast News Media The two different news media website's I have chose to compare are and The news story is about Blagojevich's conviction and mistrial. CNN's story about Gov. Rod Blagojevich was extremely short and brief. It did include all of the highlights of Blagojevich's conviction on one charge and mistrial on all of the other 23 charges. MSNBC's story covered all of the highlights, but also gave a back ground story. MSNBC included all of the highlights from the beginning of the trial. All the way to the conviction and mistrial. The story had a different ranking on both website's though. On MSNBC it was a story listed on the side of the page, with a picture included. On CNN's webiste, there was no picture and the story could be followed by clicking on a small link at the bottom of the page. I assumed since CNN news media is a 24 hour news channel, they go through stories pretty fast. Since this conviction was the story of this afternoon, it is not a headliner any longer. ... View Full Document

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