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1 The Business and Society Relationship Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management, 7e Carroll & Buchholtz Copyright 2009 by South-Western, a division of Cengage Learning. All rights reserved Prepared by Deborah Baker Texas Christian University Chapter 1 2 Business scandals Business issues Broad societal concerns The Business and Society Relationship 3 Business and society interrelate in a macroenvironment as stakeholders. Business and Society Business The collection of private, commercially oriented organizations Society A broad group of people and other organizations, interest groups, a community, a nation. 4 Society as the Macroenvironment Social Economic Political Technological 5 Segments of the Macroenvironment Segment Focus Social Demographics, lifestyles, social values Political Processes for passing of laws and election of officials. Interactions between firms, politics, and government Economic Nature and direction of the economy in which business operates Technological Changes in technological advancements taking place in society 6... View Full Document

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