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Lorenzo S OCIOLOGY 101: I NTRODUCTION TO S OCIOLOGY Autumn 2009 Class: Saturdays, 9:00am - 1:20pm at Gahanna 206 Instructor: Leeda Copley Email: The first wisdom of sociology is this: Things are not what they seem. Peter Berger (1963) There may come a time in the career of every sociologist when it is his solemn duty to raise hell. Edward Alsworth Ross, American Sociologist Association President (1914-1915) 1 Lorenzo S CHEDULE : Please note that this schedule is tentative and subject to change it is your responsibility to attend class in order to stay abreast of any changes. Readings listed here are from your textbook. All readings and homework should be completed BEFORE the class for which they are assigned unless noted. Week Date Reading Assignment HMWK DUE 1 S 9/26 Introductions Chapter 1 The Sociological Imagination 2 S 10/3 Chapter 2 Sociological Research 1, 2 Chapter 3 Culture 3 S 10/10 Chapter 4 Socialization 3, 4 Chapter 5 Social Structure and Interaction 4 S 10/17 Chapter 6 Deviance 5, 6 5 S 10/24 MIDTERM EXAM (9:00 am 12:00 pm) Chapter 7 Families 6 S 10/31 Chapter 8 Education and Religion 7, 8 7 S 11/7 Chapter 10 Social Class 10 8 S 11/14 Chapter 12 Gender and Age 12 9 S 11/21 NO CLASS ONLINE LECTURE: Chapter 13 Race and Ethnicity 10 S 11/28 THANKSGIVING NO CLASS 11 S 12/5 Chapter 15 Social Change 13, 15 12 S 12/12 FINAL EXAM (9:00 am 12:00 pm) 2 Lorenzo S OCIOLOGY 101 H OMEWORK Q UESTIONS These are due at the beginning of each class, preferably typed . Remember, the point of these assignments is not JUST to demonstrate your knowledge of the reading, but your ability to USE the knowledge you have gained. Getting into the practice of correctly attributing sources is a key skill to learn during college. I absolutely DO expect you to include parenthetical citations when you take information from your textbookeither by quotes or paraphrasing. The first citation in each of your homework assignments should include the textbook author and page number (Witt, p. 78), all others just need a page number (p. 222). I do NOT expect you to include a separate reference page with your homework unless you use material from somewhere other than your textbook. I have relaxed this rule for these homework questions so we can all save some trees, plus I expect your citations will overwhelmingly be from your textbook. 3 Lorenzo Chapter 1 The Sociological Imagination 1. Why would poverty be of interest to sociologists? (Witt, p. ) 2. The plots of movies, books and television shows almost always deal with how an individual relates to larger groups and society. Please list and explain two or three examples (NOT already listed in your book). ... View Full Document

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