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Burns Burns1 Amelia English 2000 Pappas Exercise 2c pg. 27 1. The United States invaded Iraq in the spring of 2003. [Fact: This information can be verified.] 2. Material on the Internet should not be censored by government or any other organization. [Judgment: Some believe it is completely acceptable to censor what people see. It is an opinion.] 3. For sale: lovely three-bedroom house in forest setting, easy commute, a bargain at $475,000. [Fact and Judgment: The size and location of the house can be verified, but the description of its features is an opinion of the seller.] 4. Forty-one percent of Californians who die are crematedalmost twice the national average of 21 percent. [Fact: These statistics can be checked.] 5. Artist Winslow Homer didnt begin to paint seriously until 1862. [Inference: Someone could come to this conclusion looking by at the quality of Homers paintings before 1862.] 6. Eric has a drinking problem. [Inference and Judgment: This can be inferred from previous evidence of Erics drinking. It also has a negative connotation by calling it a problem.] 7. Critic Ben Brantley called the latest production of Shakespeares As You Like It exhilarating. [Fact and Judgment: This statement can be checked, but the critics opinion is a personal judgment that others might disagree with.] 8. After I took those vitamin pills recommended by the coach, I scored a touchdown. Those pills sure did the trick. [Inference: Because he took the vitamins, it altered his usual activities. He then made an out-of-the-ordinary touchdown and assumed it was because of the pills with no real evidence.] Burns2 Amelia Burns English 2000 Pappas Exercise 2e pg. 29 1. ... View Full Document

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