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Michael Levin Why Homosexuality is Abnormal Levin's argument Evaluation of argument Legal implications Homosexuality, genetics, and freedom A final thought From Last Time Hardin's tragedy of the commons- The ruin of the commons- No food bank will help- Eco-destruction- Ratchet effect- Immigration Levin's General Argument (1) Any person who does not use their organs for their function will be unhappy. (2) Homosexuals do not use their organs for their function. (3) Therefore, homosexuals will be unhappy.- The fact is the universally acknowledge unhappiness of homosexuals (293). (4*) Being unhappy is prudentially bad/wrong. (5*) Therefore, homosexuality is prudentially bad/wrong. What is it to not use an organ for it's function? Mr. Jones' tooth necklace. Mr. Smith's Old McDonald teeth There is no question that they are not using their teeth for their function.... View Full Document

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