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at Problem JetBlue 1 Problem at JetBlue Desiree Forgason XBIS/219 December 10, 2010 Michael Peterson Problem at JetBlue The main problem with the company JetBlue was the business meltdown, which was a result of the technology issues. They did not have an accurate IT Department (information 2 technology department) or system. Customer service and the transportation of the customers and their luggage needed to be handled in an appropriate and professional manor. The company JetBlue did not have a web site set up for the customers to use to rebook their flights. This is the first thing that I would have changed. Back in 2007, the smallest of companies had a web site for the customers to change an order or even get information on how to return an item if it was the wrong item or broken. The second thing I would have to change would be to have a passenger ID (identification) tag for each piece of luggage they that have would link the customer to the luggage without using a computer. I also would have it so that the customers could change anything from any internet connection without calling the customer service number and have to wait for hours prior to speaking with a person. The situation that the company JetBlue was in could have been avoided if they would have had the proper IT (information technology) in place to keep up with the customer load they had. The information system that they had in place would have been good in the 19th century prior to the higher technology of the 20th century. The companies IT Department should have thought about the different factors like the weather and mechanical issues. The training of all employees (managers included) on an updated information technology system; this way if an issue was to occur there would not be any mass confusion on how to handle a problem of this nature. ... View Full Document

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