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Quiz #2 Student: __________________________ Class Time: _______________ 1. You purchased a stock five months ago for $40 a share. Today, you sold that stock for $45 a share. The stock pays no dividends. What was your annualized rate of return? A. 26.93 percent B. 28.77 percent C. 29.32 percent D. 30.03 percent E. 32.67 percent *** ** *** 2. Eight months ago, you purchased 300 shares of a non-dividend paying stock for $27 a share. Today, you sold those shares for $31.59 a share. What was your annualized rate of return on this investment? A. 17.00 percent B. 21.45 percent C. 25.50 percent D. 26.55 percent********* E. 28.00 percent 3. The average compound return earned per year over a multiyear period is called the: A. total return B. Average capital gains yield C. Variance. D. arithmetic average return. E. geometric average return. ** ** *** * 4. The total dollar return on a share of stock is defined as the: A. change in the price of the stock over a period of time B. dividend income divided by the beginning price per share. C. capital gain or loss plus any dividend income.************************ D. change in the stock price divided by the original stock price. E. annual dividend income received. 5. Which one of the following should be used to compare the overall performance of three different investments?... View Full Document

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