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Latus John Professor Saffarian MGMT 3413 From time to time, various groups clamor for import restrictions or tariffs on foreignproduced goods, particularly automobiles. How might these be helpful? Harmful? Tariffs could be helpful, especially to baby; or just starting up, companies by giving them the time to become competitive with older, more experienced companies. When a business is in the start up phase it will most likely see little to no profits the first year or so, this is due in part to the costs of start a business and the learning curve required to effectively and efficiently run a business. Another way tariffs could be helpful is it will make foreign goods that would normally b cheaper more expensive and make consumers by from their own countries businesses thereby keep American jobs safe and the workers employed and keeping the American money in the USA. Tariffs can also be harmful in some ways. If the USA imposes tariffs on other countries goods then the other countries can do the same. This would result in a lower GDP going abroad to a larger market and companys profits would be smaller or even fall to the point they would need to layoff USA workers to keep the business profitable or breaking even. Another way tariffs could be harmful is that it would force consumers to pay more for a product that would normally be cheaper. This means inflation for consumers as their dollar would buy less for an item that should cost less were there no tariff. List the key way organizations compete. They identify consumer wants and/or needs: This is a input basic in an organizations decision-making process, and central to competiveness. The idea is to achieve a perfect match between those wants and needs and the organizations goods and/or services. Pricing- Usually a key figure in consumer buying decisions. It is important to understand the trade-off decision consumers make between price and other aspects of a product or service such as quality. Advertising and Promotions- Ways an organization can inform potential customers about features of their products or services, and attract buyers. Explain the importance of identifying and differentiating order qualifiers and order winners. The difference between order qualifiers and order winners is the difference between getting a base hit in baseball and a homerun. An order qualifier is what the customer gets out of a product, expected no more, no less. Order winners exceed a customers expectations and make the companys products be perceived as better than the competition and makes the company more competitive. The trouble is what an order winner is for one customer may only be an order qualifier for another; or even less than that. When a majority or significant portion of the consumer market perceive a product as an order winner it is better for the companys profits because they will sell more of their product to the consumers than their completion will. While if their products are perceived as order qualifiers they will lose to their competitions order winners. Even order winners can become order qualifiers after a time or even a very short time. ... View Full Document

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