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Bryson Brittney February 6, 2011 HRM/240 Week 5 New Employment Training The type of issues that would indicate the need for training would be the hiring of new employee, a change in corporate policies or a problem with the work environment itself. There could also be training classes for those employees that are advancing in there careers. These sources to begin this training would be identified from the corporate office, managers, supervisors and other employees. If I were a training manger the way I would prioritize is to look at the employees background. If a customer service manager reported a sudden increase in calls about the poor handling of repeat complaint calls, this would be my first priority to check into. The customer service representative is the first person the customer talks to when talking on the phone and the first person to make a good impression to keep the customer returning. The supervisor requesting a training session on specialized technology for five of his employees would be second on my list. While the customer service manager is top priority the training to make the improvements in the company is what keeps the company in business. This supervisor is aiding his employees in moving up in the ranks and that is why it is number two on my list. The CEO requesting team efficiency training due to a decline in numbers of employees attending quarterly pep rallies would be the last on my list because even though the pep rallies may be important they do not keep the company in business. These pep rallies are also held quarterly so this states to me that it is every four months and does not affect the company directly. The best method to conduct any training in my opinion is on the job while the employee is working. An employee spends a good part of their day at work and this gets them in the habit of doing what needs to be done everyday. A certification exam is only necessary when the company requires a certificate for they type of training required. For example, if someone said they were a certified tax professional and they were not this could cause an serious legal issues. This would also be the same with a crane operator, by law a person driving a major piece of equipment needs to have proof of training and this is why a certification is important. For the position of an accountant, all certificates would need to be leader instructed and passed by the state laws. Exam rules and regulations are set by state laws, its required in Washington State, where I live to pass the state exam with a certain percentage. Therefore I would need to make sure that if I were to ever move states I look into what each state requires for education. The training itself, depending on the situation should be a combination of both instructor-led and self-paced. If the training is of high importance then instructor-led would be the quickest method. Self-paced training after the instructor-led training is important as well, because some people are better at learning hands on then from some type of text material. Delivering training should be on a per employee basis. In order for the for training to be successful, each person on the management team should join in the class, If not to learn something new, But to have a refresher course. It is possible they could hear something different then the first time they took the course, or put in there input on how they can make the training class better and more efficient. Each person on a management team should be certified in the department that they work for, this way if any questions are brought up by an employee they know how to answer the question efficiently. If the persons does not have the answer off the top of there head they should at least know how to obtain the information in a time fashion. Evaluations done for the effectiveness of the training would be done using the reactions by the employees, how fast the employee learns the material, the behavior in the workplace during and after training and the results that are seen by management the once the training is complete colorcodematches: defaultmode: autonavigation: SaveCancel WordCount:words Percentage:% TurnitinOriginalityReport preferences help orCancel DocumentViewer Processedon:0206119:31PMCST ID:169881950 WordCount:715 Submitted:1 hrmwk5newhiresByBrittneyBryson SimilarityIndex What'sthis? 6% SimilaritybySource InternetSources: 6% Publications: 0% StudentPapers: N/A excludequotedexcludebibliographyexcludesmallmatches mode: downloadrefreshprint 4%match(Internetfrom9/19/10) 2%match(Internetfrom7/9/09) BrittneyBrysonFebruary6,2011HRM/240Week5NewEmploymentTrainingThetypeof issuesthatwouldindicatetheneedfortrainingwouldbethehiringofnewemployee,a changeincorporatepoliciesoraproblemwiththeworkenvironmentitself.Therecouldalso betrainingclassesforthoseemployeesthatareadvancingintherecareers.Thesesources tobeginthistrainingwouldbeidentifiedfromthecorporateoffice,managers,supervisorsand otheremployees.IfIwereatrainingmangerthewayIwouldprioritizeistolookatthe employee'sbackground.Ifa customerservicemanager reported asuddenincreaseincalls about the poorhandlingofrepeatcomplaintcalls, thiswouldbemyfirstprioritytocheckinto. Thecustomerservicerepresentativeisthefirstpersonthecustomertalkstowhentalkingon thephoneandthefirstpersontomakeagoodimpressiontokeepthecustomerreturning. Thesupervisorrequestingatrainingsessiononspecializedtechnologyforfiveofhis employeeswouldbesecondonmylist.Whilethecustomerservicemanageristoppriority thetrainingtomaketheimprovementsinthecompanyiswhatkeepsthecompanyin business.Thissupervisorisaidinghisemployeesinmovingupintheranksandthatiswhyit isnumbertwoonmylist. TheCEOrequestingteamefficiencytrainingduetoadeclinein numbersofemployeesattendingquarterlypeprallieswouldbe thelast onmylistbecause eventhough thepepralliesmaybeimportanttheydonotkeepthecompanyinbusiness. Thesepepralliesarealsoheldquarterlysothisstatestomethatitiseveryfourmonthsand doesnotaffectthecompanydirectly.Thebestmethodtoconductanytraininginmyopinion isonthejobwhiletheemployeeisworking.Anemployeespendsagoodpartoftheirdayat workandthisgetstheminthehabitofdoingwhatneedstobedoneeveryday.Acertification examisonlynecessarywhenthecompanyrequiresacertificatefortheytypeoftraining required.Forexample,ifsomeonesaidtheywereacertifiedtaxprofessionalandtheywere notthiscouldcauseanseriouslegalissues.Thiswouldalsobethesamewithacrane operator,bylawapersondrivingamajorpieceofequipmentneedstohaveproofoftraining andthisiswhyacertificationisimportant.Forthepositionofanaccountant,allcertificates wouldneedtobeleaderinstructedandpassedbythestatelaws.Examrulesandregulations aresetbystatelaws,it'srequiredinWashingtonState,whereIlivetopassthestateexam withacertainpercentage.ThereforeIwouldneedtomakesurethatifIweretoevermove statesIlookintowhateachstaterequiresforeducation.Thetrainingitself,dependingonthe situationshouldbeacombinationofbothinstructorledandselfpaced.Ifthetrainingisof highimportancetheninstructorledwouldbethequickestmethod.Selfpacedtrainingafter theinstructorledtrainingisimportantaswell,becausesomepeoplearebetteratlearning handsonthenfromsometypeoftextmaterial.Deliveringtrainingshouldbeonaper employeebasis.Inorderforthefortrainingtobesuccessful,eachpersononthe managementteamshouldjoinintheclass,Ifnottolearnsomethingnew,Buttohavea refreshercourse.Itispossibletheycouldhearsomethingdifferentthenthefirsttimethey tookthecourse,orputinthereinputonhowtheycanmakethetrainingclassbetterand moreefficient.Eachpersononamanagementteamshouldbecertifiedinthedepartment thattheyworkfor,thiswayifanyquestionsarebroughtupbyanemployeetheyknowhowto answerthequestionefficiently.Ifthepersonsdoesnothavetheansweroffthetopofthere headtheyshouldatleastknowhowtoobtaintheinformationinatimefashion.Evaluations donefortheeffectivenessofthetrainingwouldbedoneusingthereactionsbythe employees,howfasttheemployeelearnsthematerial,thebehaviorintheworkplaceduring andaftertrainingandtheresultsthatareseenbythemanagementoncethetrainingis complete ... 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