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Gentle Dictatorship Officers below the rank of general formed groups called Juntas Militares de Defensa to get more demands. First minister of war ordered these men to be arrested, but they threatened an armed uprising and the minister resigned. The next minister appointed, Eduardo Dato, recognized the statutes of the juntas, apparently giving into force. Strikes began to appear all over to the point where military suppression was needed. Manufacturers preferred to work with Madrid rather than workers because they were always on strike. A parliamentary system failed too because parliamentarians and revolutionaries had different methods and objectives for reform of the government. The Bolshevik revolution inspired Spanish anarchists. People couldnt emigrate to other countries, so they had to change things in Spain. Andalusian farmers struck so much that owners had to give in to demands to get anything done and eventually the army and civil guard stepped in and brought back order.... View Full Document

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