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head: Running TOGETHER WE STAND LETTER 1 Together We Stand Letter LaKeisha Sharpe HUM 111 Sunday April, 24, 2011 University of Phoenix TOGETHER WE STAND LETTER 2 Together We Stand Letter To whom it may concern, As I am sitting here writing this letter, I think back to the day that my husband and I brought this beautiful house in the Pawtuckett neighborhood. I can still remember the day that the keys were placed into my hands and I became the proud owner of this three bedroom house. The neighborhood supplied us with wonderful neighbors, a tight knit small community, excellent schools, recreation centers and activities for our children. Everything was great until I noticed a disturbing trend. The disturbing trend started about a year ago when some of my neighbors started suffering with symptoms that seems to happen all at one time. The symptoms that they are experiencing include pain and discomfort, high cholesterol, migraines, fatigue, high red and white blood cell counts, and intestinal problems. After visiting their physicians, at least 3 individuals were diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia while two young ladies were diagnosed with lung cancer. After a few more individuals started to get sick, a group of volunteers started researching and investigating various things and places in our community. We surveyed residents in our community that were suffering from some of the symptoms. After reviewing the results of our survey, we were led to believe that the symptoms were all common to the residents. The symptoms are believed to be caused by some harmful effects that can be caused by a reckless gas company policy. I have become aware that gas companies are not forced to maintain any strict government safety regulations and standards that can likely release chemical run-offs onto our land which can be released our into water supplies and absorbed by soil. These chemicals can also be released into the air which can cause additional pollution. In other words, the residents of TOGETHER WE STAND LETTER 3 the Pawtuckett neighborhood can absorb the chemicals by breathing the air around them, absorbing the chemicals through their skin, eating it, or through drinking water which can lead to them become very ill or cause them to die. After becoming more concerned about the neighbors in my community, I researched credible sources to get some of the questions I had in mind answered. After further research and reading, according to, The Environmental Protection Agency reports that radon is an invisible, odorless, tasteless gas that is a known cause of lung cancer (Leah DiPlacido, July, 2010, The gas companies are responsible for our sudden outbreak of illness and for the pollution because of the fumes that are being released into the air. They are also responsible for the chemicals that not only contaminating our air but also our food and water as well. The gas companies are allowing their standards to fall below state regulations which are leaking the chemicals into our water, air and food. Therefore, I think the first solution for this problem is to set stricter state policies and regulations for the gas companies to follow. The state can start by reviewing the standards that are set. By reviewing these standards this can help identify any and all current imperfections which can be altered or removed to help better these policies. Thank you for taking time to read this letter and helping us to save the lives of the residents of the Pawtuckett neighborhood. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, LaKeisha Sharpe ... View Full Document

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