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FNR 30500 Homework #3 Name_________________________ Due 2/16/10 1. If one strand of DNA in the Watson-Crick double helix has a base sequence of 5-CTAGGCTACCGATAGC-3 what is the base sequence of the complementary strand? 2. Describe three differences between DNA and RNA. 3. DNA was extracted from cells of Microtus ochragaster and analyzed for base composition. It was found that 30 percent of the bases are cytosine. What percentage of the bases was adenosine? 4. Describe the transformation experiments of Griffith, and detail how they differed from those of Avery and his associates. What was the significant contribution of each set of experiments? FNR 30500 Homework #3 Name_________________________ Due 2/16/10 5. Use the following diagram to answer questions a-d: a. Label the 5 and 3 ends of this DNA molecule. b. Circle a phosphodiester bond formed by DNA polymerase. c. Circle a set of hydrogen bonds.... View Full Document

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