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I. Education as an Institution II. Education and the Economy a. Convergence b. Disconnect III. Functions of Education a. Mechanism for Upward Mobility (The American Dream)Manifest Function i. The American Dream is a belief that most Americans take as an article of faith If you have ability and are willing to work hard then you can make it. 1. The schools cultivate your natural ability to do hard work 2. Has very important functions: a. Legitimate the stratification system b. People on top have worked hard, and people on the bottom are lazy or dumb b. Hidden CurriculumLatent Function i. c. Making Contacts i. Reciprocal (two-way) Relationship-There is an overlap between Economy and Education-We have a stronger influence of the economy on education, than the reverse (but it IS definitely a two-way relationship)-Businesses make contributions to schools-As the economy changes, the skills needed to work in the economy changes (at times very rapidly)-Institutional lag: the changes in education are not changing as fast as the economy-Two consequences: 1. You have a lot of high-end jobs (typically works with a computer and any job with a computer can be done anywhere in the world because the internet makes that possible) that are not being filled (dont have the knowledge or skills needed), international workers are being brought in to fill the jobs (they have the knowledge & skills), the jobs are being outsourced. 2. The majority of people who graduate from high school (not us though; college students are the cream of the crop) do not typically have the knowledge and skills that will get them a high-end job... View Full Document

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