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CE 341 Homework Assignment #1 Due Friday, Sept 3, 2009 [10] 1. Mars radiates energy with a peak wavelength of 13.2 um a) Treating Mars as a blackbody, what would its temperature be? b) What would be the frequency and energy content of a photon at that wavelength? [10] 2 . What is the O 3 concentration (ug/m 3 ) in the stratosphere at 30 km if its mixing ratio is 10 ppm? (use the US Standard Atmosphere to get P, T values, [30] 3. Simple Greenhouse Model. Derive the dependence of the Earths surface temperature (T o ) on the fraction f of terrestrial radiation absorbed by the atmosphere. Assume the atmosphere is an isothermal layer some distance above the earths surface. It has temperature T 1 and is transparent to solar radiation. Below is a sketch to get you started. Hint what is the energy balance of the atmospheric layer? [30] 4 . What is the equilibrium temperature of a cube orbiting the sun at the same orbital distance as the planet Mercury (46 x 10 6 km)? Assume only one face of the cube is illuminated by the sun. ( Hint you will first need to calculate the Solar constant for this orbital distance ). ... View Full Document

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