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MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. Dwayne and Ewell enter into a contract for the design of an addition to Dwaynes house for which he agrees to pay Ewell. Ewell transfers his right to payment under the contract to Flex Construction Company. Flex is a. a delegatee. b. an assignee. c. an obligee. d. a prohibitee. 2. A and B enter into a contract for the distribution of As produce to local restaurants and wineries for which A agrees to pay B. B transfers his right to payment under the contract to C Bank. This transfer is a. a delegation. b. an assignment. c. an obligato. d. prohibited. 3. Trudy and Uri enter into a contract for the sale of Trudys house for which Uri agrees to pay her $250,000. Uri wants to transfer his right to the ownership of the house to Val, his niece. This transfer a. is prohibited. b. may be oral or written. c. must be implied. d. must be in writing. 4. Manny wants to transfer his rights under a contract with Nila to Opie. To ensure that the transfer is valid, Manny must a. designate Opie as a delegate. b. file a notice of assignment in the public records. c. tell Nila that he has no rights and no liability under the contract. d. none of the choices. 5. Ralph and Sven enter into a contract under which Sven agrees to guide Ralphs expedition through Tibet for which Ralph agrees to pay Sven. This contract may not be assigned if a. the assignment will significantly change the risk of nonperformance. b. the assignment is expressly prohibited by the terms of the contract. c. the contract is uniquely personal in nature. d. any of the choices. 6. Equity Company and Faye enter into a contract for Faye to cater a meeting of Equitys shareholders. When Fayes schedule conflicts, she asks Gudren to serve Fayes coffee and pastries at the meeting. This transfer of duties is a. a delegation.... View Full Document

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