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COSMOS: Complete Online Solutions Manual Organization System Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Statics and Dynamics , 8/e, Ferdinand P. Beer, E. Russell Johnston, Jr., Elliot R. Eisenberg, William E. Clausen, David Mazurek, Phillip J. Cornwell 2007 The McGraw-Hill Companies. Chapter 4, Problem 50. The rig shown consists of a 5.4-kN horizontal member ABC and a vertical member DBE welded together at B . The rig is being used to raise a 16.2-kN crate at a distance 4.8 m x = from the vertical member DBE . If the tension in the cable is 18 kN, determine the reaction at E assuming that the cable is ( a ) anchored at F as shown in the figure, ( b ) attached to the vertical member at a point located 0.4 m above E .... View Full Document

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