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Penny Cleaning Science Penny cleaning science projects are fairly popular at grade school science fairs. The reason is that the chemistry is pretty interesting and the project is easy to do. Basically, the experimenter tries to find out which solution will clean pennies best, eliminating the copper oxide that gives the surface a tarnished appearance. Ads by Google Green Cleaning- Aqua Cleanse Organic Soapfree First 3 rooms $129 1-877-800-GREEN Los Angeles Sewer Service- LA Sewer Plumbing Contractor For Expert Sewer Line Cleaning & Repair Penny Spread Order- Trade w/ an options trading leader Stock, Options, Futures - 1 account Penny Cleaning Science Projects Work To attempt the experiment, the budding scientist needs to gather at least 10 pennies that have a gray, green or brownish coating on the copper. Pennies made before 1982 work best, since they are made of solid copper. Newer pennies are made of zinc with a thin coating of copper on top. ... View Full Document

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