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Bio 3. Homework #6 1. Aristotle detracted, because he considered species as fixed and evolutionary theory emphasizes that species change via natural selection. The scientific revolution contributed because it challenged conventional thinking, and inspired people to question everything, including evolution. Lyell was a geologist who contributed to the formation of evolutionary theory because he proposed that gradual unseen processes change the world. Malthus also contributed because he proposed that resources can become limiting as populations increase, and this relates very closely to natural selection. Adam Smith coined the phrase survival of the fittest, which ties in to the theory of evolution by way of natural selection. 2. Darwin/Wallaces theory of evolution states that new species arise form existing species via descent with modification. The mechanism of modification is natural selection. There are two components that form natural selection. The first is the struggle for existence, which states that populations have the ability of outgrow the resources necessary to sustain them, thus creating competition for those resources. The second piece is the sustain them, thus creating competition for those resources.... View Full Document

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