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is What a degree of unsaturation? It is a pi bond or ring. This concept comes from Chapter 3. A compound is saturated when it has the maximum number of bonds to hydrogen. Formula for degrees of unsaturation: U = C + 1 (X N) C= ;X= ;N= Here are some reference compounds you can use to make sure you can use the formula. C5H12: Zero degrees of unsaturation C6H12: One degree of unsaturation Br OH C4H8O:One degree of unsaturation Cl C4H8BrCl: degrees Zero of unsaturation N C4H7N: Two degrees of unsaturation C6H6: Four degrees of unsaturation How to propose a structure from an empirical formula: 1. Calculate the degrees of unsaturation. 2. Arrange all of the multivalent atoms with the correct number of degrees of unsaturation. (Everything but hydrogens and halogens.) 3. Add in the monovalent atoms to fill up the proper bond number for each atom. ... View Full Document

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