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GEN 200 Foundations General Education and Professional Success University of Phoenix Material Student Web Scavenger Hunt Log on to the University of Phoenix eCampus web page located at: portal/portal/public/login.aspx . Explore the resources available on the site and use them to answer the following questions. WRITING RESOURCES 1. Which three reviewing services are available to students through the Center for Writing Excellence? WritePoint SM , Tutor Review and Plagiarism Checker 2. Which resource in the Tutorials & Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence offers tips about how to format a paper? Under APA information. 3. What are the University of Phoenixs suggested resources for academic writing formatting and grammar guides? (Hint: This information is located in the Center for Writing Excellence) Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) The Gregg Reference Manual UNIVERSITY LIBRARY 1. What are the three general resources found in the University Library?What are the three general resources found in the University Library?... View Full Document

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