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Click to edit Master subtitle style 7/7/11 Zach Braz COM/285 11 Oral Presentation 7/7/11 Introduction 22 Open Strong Choose Information to Cover Organization Closer Take Questions Conclusion 7/7/11 Open Strong 33 Emphasize Memorize Keep it interesting Relate to your audience. 7/7/11 Choose Information to Cover 44 Choose interesting points to cover Facts Three main points 7/7/11 Organization 55 Clear and concise Begin with overview Start and end with your strongest points Close by restating your points 7/7/11 Closer 66 Memorize and emphasize Restate your main points End on a positive note 7/7/11 Take Questions 77 Repeat the question Dont be afraid to admit you dont know Avoid cliches Dont nod 7/7/11 Conclusion 88 Make your introduction strong Choose the most interesting of your research ORGANIZE! Reiterate key points at the end Take care in answering audience questions... View Full Document

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