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Diegan 1 Jonathan Diegan Miss R. D. Doddato October 3, 2007 English 111- Section 5 The Spirits of Roth Hall While many times memorials are hot vacation spots with well known history, sometimes the best memorials are the ones right under our noses. We have all been to Roth Memorial Hall here on the Thiel campus. You may have heard about the ghost that some say dwells there. In order to verify these stories, we must first know the history behind that building. There is much to be learned in the past, however today the building is very much still in use. The modern productivity of this memorial also plays a huge role in its importance. We have all visited the building and made use of its services at one time or another. Although Roth Hall has an elaborate history, it still proves itself to be the heartbeat of a campus. In order to understand the significance of this memorial, we first need to understand for whom it was erected. Roth Hall was built for the first and fourth president of Thiel College, ... View Full Document

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