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ComputerMaintenanceand TrainingManual Section 1: Safety Safety is the number one priority for all employees while on the job. We want to keep everyone safe, and eliminating any accidents that can arise while working on company computers. To keep employees safe each one needs to be properly trained in order to ensure that any accidents at work can be reduced. This section will include information on Environmental concerns, power protection, Dust, static, heat issues, and Downloading unauthorized software. New viruses are being created every day, to prevent a system from being affected. Make sure that anti-virus software is updated. Check security updates for new patches that can fix any glitches in the security of the Operating System. Another safety step is using a firewall to prevent unwanted programs for getting access to the internet. Remember when working on a computer to replace or upgrade parts, it is vital to take the right steps to ensure safety. Computers use a high amount of electricity to run. When fixing a computer make sure the power cord stays plugged in, this will keep the computer grounded and keep static discharge down to a minimum. This is to prevent any damage to the computer and any parts. Employees should change their logon password on a regular basis, this will prevent any program from stealing employee information and stop unwanted access to their account. Employees should always run the anti-virus program. This will help to keep the employees computer safe. Employee health is another concern that needs to be looked at. Eyestrain is a common safety issue due to working in improper lighting, have all employees keep lamps near their desks. Another concern is Carpal tunnel syndrome, make sure to have all employees reposition themselves, and take breaks between typing. This will help reduce the risk of employees getting Carpal tunnel syndrome. Keeping the computer screen about 16 to 18 inches away from the face will also reduce any strain on the employee. ... View Full Document

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