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CheckPoint: Features of Health Plans Possible Score Your Score Week 1 CheckPoint: Features of Health Plans 15.0 15.0 Comment: The growing cost of health care has made he alth insurance a necessity. There are several different plans to choose from, but t he decision depends on the individuals needs and avail able payment options.You did very well of the Featur es of Health Plans CheckP oint. You made some reall y good points about the dif ferent types of health plans . It is important for consu mers to understand the sim ilarities and differences so that they can make an infor med decision. The choice i n health coverage is deter mined overall by the patie nt needs, and this will diffe r from one person to the ne xt.Please review the grade form posted to your indivi dual forum for areas of stre ngth and areas noted for i mprovement. You did a gr eat job overall keep up the good work in the weeks to come!... View Full Document

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