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Management Structures Departmentalization is something that you use to making groups and organization. The reason why this is important and can be positive to the company is that once you separate people where they need to be and where you think they best fit then everyone can concentrate on one job title rather than worrying about everything, so in this case that would be positive to the organization because things are more structured and well organized. The reason why it wouldnt be positive is because once you separate people into where you think they belong and they arent good at what they are doing so you want to switch people around, but everyone else is doing good then thats when you will have a problem and things that once were smooth, is now a rocky road. Matrix organizations help the external and internal of the business, but the matrix organization does absolutely nothing in itself. It is who uses the Matrix Organization that can make things better or worse. With that being uses the Matrix Organization that can make things better or worse.... View Full Document

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