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Victor Nutrition Christine Health and wellness s Professor Yahia Week 3 09-20-08 Obesity The silent escalating epidemic of obesity is the underlying cause of death in todays society (Henry, 2004, p.3). With that being said, the public should join forces to help eradicate this silent killer. Many women, children and men are suffering from this type of disorder, which has proven to be an individual and clinical issue. Obesity arises out of a number of factors. In some cases, it can be inherited. The environment also has a major role to play in obesity. We are living in a modern world where walking is replaced by driving or catching the bus which tends to make us complacent. Catching a bus is much more convenient than walking for five minutes but we ought to know that it is not. Major economic forces such as food manufacturers, restaurant chains, automobile makers, real estate developers and the entertainment industry have strong financial interest in marketing various aspects of the status quo. None of these industries or sectors deserves the blame for worlds obesity epidemic but together many of their products and service have contributed to society unhealthy lifestyle (Okie, 2005, p.g 248). The excess availability of calories contributes to Christine Victor Nutrition Health and wellness s Professor Yahia Week 3 09-20-08 Obesity consumption of high energy foods, fats and sugars being major contributors to calories. GMA believes if restrictions are created this will not motivate individuals to eat healthy. Maintaining a healthy diet can be difficult and more expensive, since consumers choices are limited and protein, vegetable and fruits will be at a higher cost than that of a McDonalds meal. However, one must bear in mind the consequences such as diabetes, kidney and heart problems, to name a few, afflicted with obesity. Research has shown that, consumer food choices are driven by taste, cost and convenience and to a lesser extent by health and variety as cited in (Henry, 2004, p.g 16). With that being said, an individual will find it much easier to purchase a meal at Burger King than going to the grocery store to collect grocery including fresh greens to prepare a meal. Good regimens for weight loss are, eating what we grow and grow what we eat. A glass of fresh squeezed fruit juice is much healthier a than carbonated soda. Fighting obesity can seem to be a hard goal to achieve. One can minimize their risk of being obese by increasing their physical activities, eating healthy, and by Christine Victor Nutrition Health and wellness s Professor Yahia Week 3 09-20-08 Obesity maintaining a healthy lifestyle can decrease risk factors associated with obesity. People, who are active, eating healthy and getting annual exams, may seem to live a long happy life. Being physically fit has many advantages that can enhance a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet that consist of the four basic food groups coupled with a good work out regimen, and annual checkup can save a person from a host of illnesses. We can all help to fight obesity, by watching what we consume. Living a healthy lifestyle does not always have to seem boring, lonely, or expensive. Eat healthy meals and consume a lot of water to stay hydrated; and to flush out impurities. So many people are obese today due to a number of factors that influence being obese which include behavior, environment and genetics. Each plays a significant role. Behavior relates to a person eating too many calories while not getting enough physical activity. Environment involves a persons home, work, school, or community that can provide barriers or opportunities for an inactive and active lifestyle. Avoid obesity, be active, eat right, and let nutrition be your partner for life. In my opinion, GMA is doing a good job by sensitizing the pubic to avoid the risk of obesity. Christine Victor Nutrition Health and wellness s Professor Yahia Week 3 09-20-08 Obesity I have always been a firm believer that obesity is a disease like no other and if not treated correctly it can be fatal. I also believe that its a matter of self control; the inner power that each individual possesses to control their eating habit. One must be well determined and motivated to combat this perilous illness. Motivate your friends and family to modify their eating and exercising habits today. Christine Victor Nutrition Health and wellness s Professor Yahia Week 3 09-20-08 Obesity Henry, F. Canjanus: The Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute Quarterly .Obesity Vol.37 No1.2004Refrence Okie, S. Fed up! Wining the war against childhood Obesity. Washington Dc National Academic Press, 2005 ... View Full Document

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