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Understanding Assignment the Collection Process. Yolanda Campos HCR/230 In a medical office, billing specialist has many jobs. One in particular is how to do collections. I decided that a great learning tool is to form a flow chart can be very useful on following step by step process. The first step is to track overdue bills by reviewing the patient aging report. The patient aging reports analyzed which patient have overdue bills and group them by four categories which are: current or up to date (overdue 30 days) and the 2nd to 4th steps are, past due to 31 to 60, 61 to 90, and more than 90 days overdue. Second step is to bill the patient, some patient does not know that their bill is overdue; therefore it will be the first notice to the patient. Third step is to send out a letter, when sending out a letter it must be professional, courteous, brief and straight to the point. Letters remind the patient of their payment option and their responsibility to pay the debt. Fourth step is sending out a second letter, letter the should state a reminder to the patient that their bill is pass due, and a statement is attach showing the patient their past account activity. Also it follows up with a phone call, using effective method to pursue payment arrangements. Be straight forward on why you are calling, tell the patient their status of their account and what needs to be done to be accomplished, always let the patient to respond, stay in control of the conversation, do not let the patient go too far off the topic, and assure the patient that their overdue bill will not affect the quality of treatment. The fifth step is sending out a third letter, stating that their account is seriously passed due and let them know that it will be sent over to the collections and reports to their credit rating. Let patient know if they cannot pay their bill in full to call for arrangement and letting them know that we need to hear from them within 10 days to avoid collections actions. The final step is to turnover to the collection agency. ... View Full Document

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