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Transcript America In the 20th Century: Cold War , in America In the 20th Century (Media Rich Learning), 131:33 mins transcript DISCOVER your gateway to a NEW WORLD of LEARNING MEDIA RICH LEARNING NARRATORTwo nations.Two political systems.Two ideologies. In the epic contestbetween capitalism and communism, only one wouldprevail. NARRATOR " iron curtain has descendedacross the continent." NARRATOR Stand off divided Europe ...andengulfed the world. John F. Kennedy "I take pride in the words"Ich bin ein Berliner." NARRATOR Marked by confrontation,might, and maneuvering. Adlai stevenson"I'm prepared to wait for my answer until hell freezes over..." NARRATOR Punctuated byanxiety, paranoia, and fear. Joseph McCarthy "...that would still be one communisttoo many." NARRATOR Two civilizations, one epic question:Would the rivals destroy each other or findcommon ground, and survive the Cold War. Ronald Reagan "Mr. Gorbachev,tear down this wall." progress challenge war peace AMERICA in the 20th CENTURY The Cold War From World War to Cold War 1945 NARRATORIt was July, 1945. Harry S. Trumanwas bound for Europe and a meeting of the Grand Alliance-the coalition of thethree leading Allied Powers of World War II. The AmericanPresident was poised between two of history's greatest battles--the worldwar that was ending and the Cold War that would replace it.Monumental issues confronted Truman and his wartime partners:the control of defeated Germany, post-war boundaries,winning the war with Japan, securing a lasting peace for Europe. PRESIDENT HARRY TRUMAN JULY 20, 1945 President Harry Truman"There's not one piece of territory orone thing of a monetary nature that we want out of this war.We want peace and prosperity for the world as a whole." NARRATORVictory over Germany had restored peace to Europe. But it was alreadythreatened by a growing rift between the partners themselves.At the Potsdam Conference, President Truman and British Prime MinisterWinston Churchill were on one side of the divide-determined to secure... View Full Document

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