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EE3193/EL5473 & Intro. to VLSI Homework Assignment 2 Solution 1. (Problem 2.1 in text) Consider an nMOS transistor in a 0.6 &m process with W/L = 4/2 (i.e., 1.2/0.6 &m). In this process, the gate oxide thickness is 100 and the mobility of electrons is 350 cm 2 /Vs. The threshold voltage is 0.7 V. Plot Ids for Vgs = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 V. 2 8 14 / 120 10 100 10 85 . 8 9 . 3 ) 350 ( V A L W L W L W C ox 2. (Problem 2.8 in text) Sometimes the substrate is connected to a voltage called the substrate bias to alter the threshold of the transistors. If the threshold of an nMOS transistor is to be raised, should a positive or negative substrate bias be used? The threshold is increased by applying a negative body voltage so V bs > 0. 3. (Problem 2.14 in text) Peter Pitfall is offering to license to you his patented noninverting buffer circuit shown below. Graphically derive the transfer characteristics for this buffer. Assume characteristics for this buffer.... View Full Document

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