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tudy S Guide for Class F ilms Platoon 1. Who was the di rector? Director- Oliver Stone 2. Who was the screenwriter? Screenwriter- Oliver Stone 3. Who was the cinematographer? Cinematographer- Robert Richardson 4. What year was the fi lm released? Release- 1986 5.Where and when was the fi lm set? Cambodia the Vietnam War with Bravo Company, 25th I nfant ry D ivision 6. What were some examples of effective or innovative c inematography in the fi lm? T he extreme close ups on Charlie Sheens face during his night post when the Vietcong were ambushing them. I t really showed t he intensity of the situation defini tely since this was new to him. 7. What were some of the major actions or events in the fi lm? Chris first night watch when they are ambushed by the Vietcong. W hen the helicopters are leaving the area Sgt. Elias is running away and Chris knows that Sgt. Barnes in tentionally killed Sgt. E lias. Chris snaps and goes on a killing rampage r ight before a l arge explosion. In the morning he finds Sgt. Barnes injured and he kills him. 8. What was the centra l theme of the fi lm? What is r ight and wrong during war??? Is war necessary do all of t hese evils have to be done??? 9. Who was the protagonist of the fi lm? Chris Taylor- he is the narrator and the movie is centered around h im. 10. Who was the antagonist in the fi lm? War and violence as well as Sgt. Barnes as a direct enemy to Chris Taylor and the 25th I nfant ry Division. 11. What was an example of a cinematic metaphor or use of symbolism in the fi lm? The drinking and marijuana represents the civilian side of the soldiers. Shows that they are humans and they can let their guard down. 12. Who were some of the major actors the in fi lm? Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger, and Willem Dafoe 13. What was the major confl ict in the fi lm? Surviving the war and finding yourself and whats r ight during the t u rmoil and strife. 14. What were some innovative or effective uses of sound in t he fi lm? The same scene during Chris night watch is also playing intense m usic almost like Jaws. I t speeds up and shows the r ise in i ntensity in the scene. 15. How a re women and minorit ies portrayed in the fi lm? T here are not any women worth mentioning in the film. The A frican Americans were portrayed as equals as they had a voice a nd could express their opinions. Whites and blacks fought beside one another. 16. How is the confl ict resolved in the fi lm? Chris Taylor finds Sgt. Barnes wounded after a large bomb has d ropped over the area. Chris does not hesitate to kill as he avenges the many deaths Sgt. Barnes has caused. 17. How does the historical, cultur a l, and physical environment affect the characters in the fi lm? This accurately represented a unique war t ime in Americas h istory. There was brutal violence and marijuana was smoked heavily during the movie. That reflected the free spirit of the t ime period. 18. What present day cultur a l event does the fi lm mi r ror? I t reflects the war currently going on against terrorism. Many men and women sacrifice for the freedoms that we take for g ranted everyday. 19. When does the protagonist have his or her epiphany or r eal ization in the fi lm? D uring the last battle Chris Taylor snaps as bombs are exploding a ll around him. He begins a shooting rampage and defies death as he kills many Vietnamese soldiers. 20. Who was the producer in the fi lm? John Daly ... View Full Document

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