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There are many societal issues students face outside of the classroom and these issues can affect students for the rest of their lives. The three societal issues I believe that students will face are peer pressure from the kids away from school, gender issues, and also moral issues. One of the biggest issues a student will face out of school is the friends that he hangs out with and the pressure of fitting in. Many kids today are influenced by other kids to do things that are just not good, to most this is usual but may I say this is the rising cause of the drop of morality in America. Many of these students are introduced to drugs, alcohol, pornography, sex, inappropriate Hollywood movies and games that teach violence, and many youthful lusts that only will affect them harmfully. The schools might speak slightly against sex and drugs but the kids are not taking it serious because they are not told the seriousness of doing these things. ... View Full Document

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