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EXAM MGMT040503-S08R: 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... You are logged in as Mai Le (Logout) iLearn MGMT040503-S08R Quizzes EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 Review EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 Review of Attempt 1 Started on: Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 07:17 PM Completed on: Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 08:16 PM Time taken: 59 mins 38 secs Raw score: 29/40 (73 %) Grade: 145 out of a maximum of 200 1 Mikes Bikes believes that each of the employee should enjoy the idea of working on something that is new, creative, or personally meaningful. Mikes Bikes would describe which of the categories of small business owners? Register to View AnswerOptimizers b. Idealists c. Hard workers d. Sustainers e. Jugglers 2 Human beings have fundamental rights and liberties that cannot be taken away by another individual's decision. This ethical decision making approach is known as the Register to View AnswerUtilitarian approach. b. Individualism approach. c. Moral-rights approach. d. Dualism approach. e. None of the above. 3 Shared development of innovations among several departments is emphasized by the ______ approach to product change. Register to View AnswerVertical b. Horizontal linkage model c. Top down d. Bottom-up e. Diagonal 1 of 9 10/18/2008 5:04 PM MGMT040503-S08R: EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 4 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... Which of these refers to the belief by individuals that their future is within their control and that external forces will have little influence? Register to View AnswerAwareness of passing time b. Tolerance for ambiguity c. Internal locus of control d. External locus of control e. Deferred locus of control 5 What is force field analysis? Register to View AnswerThe analysis of the forces that drive customers to a certain organization b. The analysis of the forces that drive the organization of a company c. The process of determining which forces drive and which resist a proposed change d. The process by which an organization forces changes to occur e. None of the above 6 Heather is seeing, on a regular basis, a difference between current and expected performance levels. She should begin Register to View AnswerTo gather more data. b. To implement change. c. To perceive a need for change. d. To change the reward system. e. All of the above. 7 Tyler was recently looking at his company's organization chart in an attempt to discover who reports to whom. Tyler is studying his organization's Register to View AnswerDegree of formalization. b. Amount of differentiation. c. Degree of centralization. d. Chain of command. e. Division of labor. 8 ______ is the basis for grouping positions into departments and departments into the total organization. Register to View AnswerDepartmentalization b. Centralization c. Decentralization d. Formalization e. Specialization 2 of 9 10/18/2008 5:04 PM MGMT040503-S08R: EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 9 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... ______ refers to an unincorporated business owned by an individual for profit. Register to View AnswerPartnership b. Proprietorship c. Corporation d. Association e. Trade alliance 10 The biggest barrier to organizational change is usually Register to View AnswerDisagreements about the benefits. b. Uncertainty about the future. c. A lack of understanding and trust. d. Fear of personal loss. e. Too much trust. 11 Organization structure is defined as Register to View AnswerVisual representation of the organization. b. Framework in which the organization defined how tasks are divided, resources are deployed, and c. Division of labor. d. Unbroken line of authority that links all individuals in the organization. e. None of the above. 12 Before opening his own business, Tanaka was writing a report that details the specifics of his ideas and future business operations. This document is known as Register to View AnswerA SWOT analysis. b. A business portfolio. c. A business plan. d. A competitive analysis. e. A mission statement. 13 Disk Replacement Services has just completed a procedure manual to handle employee grievances. One of the main criteria is to make it clear to employees that rules will be administered fairly and consistently. Disk Replacement operates on Register to View AnswerThe procedural justice approach. b. The utilitarian approach. c. The individual approach. d. The defensive approach. e. The free-choice approach. 3 of 9 10/18/2008 5:04 PM MGMT040503-S08R: EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 14 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... People making decisions based on an internal set of beliefs that has more meaning to them than the expectations of others Register to View AnswerAre in the preconventional level of moral development. b. Are in the conventional level of moral development. c. Are in the principled level of moral development. d. Do not care what people think of them. e. None of the above. 15 Annu believes that such things as luck or chance will determine her future success. Annu has Register to View AnswerAn internal locus of control. b. A high need for achievement. c. A tolerance for ambiguity. d. An external locus of control. e. High level of self-confidence. 16 When organizations take the highest level of green, they take a(n) __________ approach. Register to View AnswerLegal b. Stakeholder c. Activist d. Market e. Extended 17 Conchita, Kibwana, and Ravi started selling computer software on college campuses under the name Student Software Company. Each person contributed $1500 toward start-up costs and agreed on dividing costs and profits equally. The legal structure for the company can best be described as a Register to View AnswerProprietorship. b. Partnership. c. Trade alliance. d. Corporation. e. None of the above. 18 Which of these is true about a company with a sense of social responsibility? Register to View AnswerIt would be most concerned with the cost of pollution control devices. b. It would only care about their stockholders and employees. c. It would install safety control devices before the government required them. d. It would wait until the government required smokestack scrubbers. e. It would follow the competitors. 4 9 10/18/2008 of 5:04 PM MGMT040503-S08R: EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 19 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... The functional, ______, and ______ are traditional approaches that rely on the chain of command to define departmental groupings and reporting relationships along the hierarchy. Register to View AnswerDivisional, teams b. Divisional, matrix c. Matrix, teams d. Matrix, networks e. Teams, networks 20 Entrepreneurs tend to Register to View AnswerNeed clear instructions. b. Like specific instructions. c. Be impatient. d. Lack self-confidence. e. Have low energy level. 21 ______ is the psychological characteristic that allows a person to be untroubled by disorder and uncertainty. Register to View AnswerTolerance for ambiguity b. External locus of control c. Need to achieve d. Awareness of passing time e. Internal locus of control 22 ______ refers to the number of employees reporting to a supervisor. Register to View AnswerThe line of authority b. The span of management c. The chain of command d. The management chain e. Delegation 23 Relative to a flat organizational structure, a tall structure has a _____ span of management and ________ hierarchical levels. Register to View AnswerWide, fewer b. Narrow, fewer c. Narrow, wider d. Narrow, more e. Wide, more 5 of 9 10/18/2008 5:04 PM MGMT040503-S08R: EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 24 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... ______ changes involve redesign and renewal of the total organization. Register to View AnswerTransformational b. Unplanned c. Government-forced d. Operational e. Competitive 25 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a creative individual? Register to View AnswerConceptual theory b. Undisciplined exploration c. Persistence and focused approach d. Authorization and dependent e. All of the above are characteristic of a creative individual 26 All of the following are characteristics of creative organizations EXCEPT Register to View AnswerUse of teams. b. Risk taking norms. c. Centralization. d. Long term horizon. e. Loose controls. 27 In what stage of personal moral development is a person mostly concerned with external rewards and personal consequences of an action? Register to View AnswerPreconventional b. Conventional c. Principled d. Discretionary e. None of the above 28 ______ refers to the financing that consists of funds that are invested in exchange for ownership in the company. Register to View AnswerVenture-debt b. Debt financing c. Equity financing d. Franchising e. Licensing 6 of 9 10/18/2008 5:04 PM MGMT040503-S08R: EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 29 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... The welfare and interests of society as well as the organization is referred to as Register to View AnswerOrganizational responsibility. b. Social responsibility. c. Discretionary responsibility. d. Economic responsibility. e. None of the above. 30 Which of the following is not a part of change sequence? Register to View AnswerInternal and external forces for change exist b. Organization managers monitor forces and become aware of need for change c. Initiation of change d. Modification of change to accommodate culture/people e. Implement change 31 An entrepreneur Register to View AnswerAssumes the risks of the business. b. Reaps the rewards of the business. c. Assumes the financial and legal risks of ownership. d. Recognizes a viable idea for a business product or service and carries it out. e. All of the above. 32 Sisters Dana Schulz and Jessica Taylor of Garland, Texas started FunPhones to create interchangeable cell phone covers. This can be described as creating a Register to View AnswerMonopoly. b. Market niche. c. New opportunity. d. Closed business. e. Diversification strategy. 33 Which leadership style matches with the postconventional level of personal moral development? Register to View AnswerTeam oriented b. Autocratic c. Guiding/encouraging d. Coercive e. Servant leadership 34 7 of 9 There are many organizational development activities, which are effective in solving many different problems. __________enhances the cohesiveness and success of organizational groups. Register to View AnswerTeam building 10/18/2008 5:04 PM MGMT040503-S08R: EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... b. Survey feedback c. Intergroup activities d. Process-Consultation activities e. Symbolic management 35 __________is defined by the text as the application of behavioral science knowledge to improve an organization's health and effectiveness through its ability to cope with environmental changes, improve internal relationships, and increase problem-solving capabilities. Register to View AnswerConflict management b. Organizational revitalization c. Organizational development d. Organizational linkage e. Horizontal linkage 36 Which of these indicate a disparity between existing and desired performance levels? Register to View AnswerEnvironmental opportunity b. Performance gap c. Behavioral occurrence d. Critical incident e. Organizational structural imbalance 37 Ethics deals with _____ values that are a part of corporate culture and shapes decisions concerning social responsibility with respect to the _______environment. Register to View AnswerInternal/external b. External/external c. Internal/internal d. External/internal e. None of the above 38 Search, creativity, and new-venture teams are all associated with which of the following steps of the change process? Register to View AnswerInitiating change b. Recognizing the need for change c. Implementing change d. Need for change e. Analyzing feedback 39 ______ is also referred to as work specialization. Answer: 8 of 9 a. Division of labor 10/18/2008 5:04 PM MGMT040503-S08R: EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... b. Unity of command c. Scalar chain d. Esprit de corps e. Network approach 40 The stimulus for technological innovation is often found in which of these? Register to View AnswerSocial forces b. Political forces c. Economic forces d. Competitive forces e. All of the above You are logged in as Mai Le (Logout) MGMT040503-S08R 9 of 9 10/18/2008 5:04 PM ... View Full Document

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