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iLearn MGMT040503-S08R Quizzes EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 Review Answer: a. Optimizers b. Idealists c. Hard workers d. Sustainers e. Jugglers Answer: a. Utilitarian approach. b. Individualism approach. c. Moral-rights approach. d. Dualism approach. e. None of the above. Answer: a. Vertical b. Horizontal linkage model c. Top down d. Bottom-up e. Diagonal EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 Review of Attempt 1 Started on: Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 07:17 PM Completed on: Tuesday, 25 March 2008, 08:16 PM Time taken: 59 mins 38 secs Raw score: 29/40 (73 %) Grade: 145 out of a maximum of 200 1 Mikes Bikes believes that each of the employee should enjoy the idea of working on something that is new, creative, or personally meaningful. Mikes Bikes would describe which of the categories of small business owners? 2 Human beings have fundamental rights and liberties that cannot be taken away by another individual's decision. This ethical decision making approach is known as the 3 Shared development of innovations among several departments is emphasized by the ______ approach to product change. You are logged in as Mai Le ( Logout ) MGMT040503-S08R: EXAM 2 DEADLINE EXTENDED TO MAR 25 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Steven/Desktop/SFSU/Fall%2... 1 of 9 10/18/2008 5:04 PM Answer: a. Awareness of passing time b. Tolerance for ambiguity c. Internal locus of control d. External locus of control e. Deferred locus of control Answer: a. The analysis of the forces that drive customers to a certain organization b. The analysis of the forces that drive the organization of a company c. The process of determining which forces drive and which resist a proposed change d. The process by which an organization forces changes to occur e. None of the above Answer: a. To gather more data. b. To implement change. c. To perceive a need for change. d. To change the reward system. e. All of the above. Answer: a. Degree of formalization. b. Amount of differentiation. c. Degree of centralization. d. Chain of command. e. Division of labor. Answer: a. Departmentalization b. Centralization c. Decentralization d. Formalization e. Specialization 4 Which of these refers to the belief by individuals that their future is within their control and that external forces will have little influence? 5 What is force field analysis? 6 Heather is seeing, on a regular basis, a difference between current and expected performance levels. She should begin 7 Tyler was recently looking at his company's organization chart in an attempt to discover who reports to whom. Tyler is studying his organization's 8 ______ is the basis for grouping positions into departments and departments into the total organization.... View Full Document

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