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1 PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 1 Welcome to PHYS-131 Mechanics and Waves PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 2 Today's Lecture Components of PHYS-131 Instructor Resources Lectures Grading Labs Assignments Tutorials Exams A comment about mathematics Physics and measurement 2 PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 3 Syllabus (full text on mycourses) PHYS-131 consists of several parts: lectures (39) homework (online) (12) laboratory sessions (4) tutorials (every week; not compulsory) midterm exam final exam your own individual learning effort, inside & outside the classroom PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 4 Instructor Prof. Ken Ragan Office: Ernest Rutherford Physics Bldg., Room 344 Office hours: Tuesday 2:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m. Friday 10:30 noon or by appointment email: (please do not use myCourses email!) 3 PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 5 myCourses ( ) mycourses is your online resource for PHYS-131: Schedules (calendar posted) Announcements Online homework (link to CAPA) Lecture & lab documents Monitored discussion board for general questions PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 6 Textbook/Course material Textbook: "Physics for Scientists and Engineers Serway and Jewett, 7 th Edition Chapters 1-11, 13, and 15-18. Available in bookstore (new & used copies). Lab manual & lab reports will be available at first lab (and also online) You will need a calculator (it doesnt need to have graphing capabilities) You do NOT need a lab coat ! ;) 4 PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 7 What we will cover Chapters 1-11, 13, 15-18 of Serway & Jewett Mechanics: Kinematics (description of motion) in 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Dynamics (why things move) & Newtons laws Circular motion Energy Kinetic, potential, conservation Momentum, collisions, systems of particles Rotational analogues to linear motion Kinematics Dynamics Energy & momentum Oscillations & Waves PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 8 Practical matters we might cover 5 PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 9 Classical chaos determinate indeterminism Thermodynamics, entropy & the arrow of time Quantum mechanics Particle? Wave? Schrodingers cat? Relativity those pesky twins and slowing down time Neutron stars, black holes, worm holes Quasars, phasers & warp drives and what we wont cover: PHYS 131 -- Lecture 1 10 Lectures Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2:35 p.m. 3:35 p.m.... View Full Document

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