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Triton College CIS 100_001 Introduction to Computer Systems Fall 2011 Course Number: CIS 100_001 Credits: 1 Semester hour Time: Monday & Wednesday 12:00 - 1:50 PM Room: M 133 Instructor: D. Lenier Anderson E-mail E-mail: Phone: 708-456-0300 ext. 3968 Office: M 107 Office Hours: M/W 7 -8 am & 2 3 pm, T/R 2-3:30 pm (online). Friday 8 10 am & 2 3 pm. Textbook: Prentice Hall, Technology in Action, 8th Edition . ************************************************* An overview of computer-systems topics is presented, demonstrating how computers can be used as a valuable tool in the workplace. Basic concepts of computing with hand-on activities including the Windows operating system and using the World Wide Web. May not be used to substitute for CIS 101. ************************************************* CIS 100_001 Introduction to Computer Systems 1 Course Objectives: Learn complex IT concepts that are best explained through: o Images, audio, video, or animationBest Utilities for Your Computer o Computer Architecture o Creating an Access Database, Improving an Access Database o Finding Information on the Web o Creating a Web-based Email Account o File Management, Anatomy/Technology and Disk Defragmentation. o Protecting the Computer o Running Programs Obtain a foundation for pursuing education or careers in information technology. Describe the technologies and IT issues that will be crucial to careers for years to come. How to use computers safely, with less risk of intrusion, identity theft, or lost data. Course Schedule Date Week Topic Book Chapter 8/22/11 1 Introduction The Importance of Becoming Computer Fluent. 1 8/29/11 2 Looking at Computers - Understanding at the Parts. 2 9/05/11 3 Using the Internet 3 9/12/11 4 Application Software Test 1 4 Ch 1-4 9/19/11 5 Looking at the Operating System. 5 9/26/11 6 Understanding and Assessing Hardware 6 10/03/11 7 Networking Mobile Computing: Keeping Your Data on Hand 7 8 10/10/11 8 System security Course Review 9 10/17/11 9 Test 2 Ch 5-9 CIS 100_001 Introduction to Computer Systems 2 Communication and Interactivity in this course ... View Full Document

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