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College CIS Triton 100_001 Introduction to Computer Systems Fall 2011 Course Number: Credits: Time: Room: Instructor: E-mail Phone: Office: CIS 100_001 1 Semester hour Monday & Wednesday 12:00 - 1:50 PM M 133 D. Lenier Anderson E-mail: 708-456-0300 ext. 3968 M 107 Office Hours: M/W 7 -8 am & 2 3 pm, T/R 2-3:30 pm (online). Friday 8 10 am & 2 3 pm. Textbook: Prentice Hall, Technology in Action, 8th Edition. ************************************************* An overview of computer-systems topics is presented, demonstrating how computers can be used as a valuable tool in the workplace. Basic concepts of computing with hand-on activities including the Windows operating system and using the World Wide Web. May not be used to substitute for CIS 101. ************************************************* CIS 100_001 Introduction to Computer Systems 1 Course Objectives: Learn complex IT concepts that are best explained through: o Images, audio, video, or animationBest Utilities for Your Computer o Computer Architecture o Creating an Access Database, Improving an Access Database o Finding Information on the Web o Creating a Web-based Email Account o File Management, Anatomy/Technology and Disk Defragmentation. o Protecting the Computer o Running Programs Obtain a foundation for pursuing education or careers in information technology. Describe the technologies and IT issues that will be crucial to careers for years to come. How to use computers safely, with less risk of intrusion, identity theft, or lost data. Course Schedule Date Week 8/22/11 1 Topic Book Chapter 8/29/11 2 Introduction The Importance of Becoming Computer Fluent. Looking at Computers - Understanding at the Parts. 9/05/11 3 Using the Internet 3 9/12/11 4 Application Software 4 9/19/11 5 Test 1 Looking at the Operating System. 9/26/11 6 Understanding and Assessing Hardware 6 10/03/11 7 10/10/11 8 7 8 9 10/17/11 9 Networking Mobile Computing: Keeping Your Data on Hand System security Course Review Test 2 1 2 Ch 1-4 5 Ch 5-9 CIS 100_001 Introduction to Computer Systems 2 Communication and Interactivity in this course Email: All students are required to obtain an e-mail account. If you have any questions about the course or need assistance, please contact me in person, by telephone, by email (the best method), or by some other means of conferencing during my online office hours. Please note that you can contact me by email anytime . Include the class in the subject line and make sure you include your full name . My goal is to respond to e-mail within 48 hours, phone messages often take longer. ANY communications, in person, e-mail or telephone using profanity will be grounds for dismissal from the class. The communication standard is business professional English. Assignments Each student is expected to register for a free Yahoo! E-mail account at and register at the class web site at . Students are expected to check the class web site at least weekly for announcements. There will be weekly lab assignments working with the Windows Operating System (OS) and the Internet. Each assignment will have a due date. One point will be deducted for each class meeting the assignment is late. Printed on each page of each lab assignment should be your name, course number, section number and lab. This information should be printed via the computer. In addition to the printed information each lab assignment should be stapled. Students are encouraged to help each other with lab assignments. This is part of the learning process and enhances lab activities. Students are expected to complete their own lab assignments. There will be a mid term and final exam. The midterm is scheduled during week 4 and the final will be during week 8. Each will be announced in advance in class or on the web site. MAKE UP EXAMS WILL BE PERMITTED IF THE INSTRUCTOR IS NOTIFIED IN ADVANCE. From time to time additional homework assignments may be made. The student should save all class documents until the grade for the course is received at the end of the semester. Grading Policy and Scale Assignments have will one letter grade deducted for each week they are late. For each absence after the third , you will lose two percent of your accumulated point total due to the missed work at the end of the semester. Each exam will consist of multiple-choice questions. Exam #1 Exam #2 Labs/Attendance TOTAL 90 100% 80 89% 70 79% 60 69% < 59 100 points 100 points 100 points 300 points A B C D F If an exam is not taken on the scheduled date the student can take a makeup exam by prearrangement with the instructor. Note that makeup exams are more difficult than the standard multiple-choice exam. Extra credit is available. If a student takes and passes IT-related Brainbench exams (, each exam adds 3 points to their final course grade (five points if they pass at the master level). Attendance Policy CIS 100_001 Introduction to Computer Systems 3 As responsible adults, students are expected to attend classes. Whether present or absent, students are held responsible for announcements made and all work covered in class sessions. Students are responsible for being aware of the attendance policy of the class and communicate directly with the instructor regarding absence from class. Students absent because of illness or for any other reason are responsible for notifying the instructor as soon as possible at 456-0300 x3968 and leave a message or e-mail. Once you return, it is your responsibility to catch up on all missed assignments and information covered in class as written above. Absences due to illness of the student, serious illness or death in the immediate family, or extenuating circumstances, generally carry no penalty. Students are expected to notify the instructor in advance about anticipated absences and make appropriate arrangements to make up work. Students participating in athletics, performing groups or otherwise representing the college, will sometimes have events conflict with their classes. Students should notify the instructor well in advance of these dates. Attendance is mandatory for successful participation in class laboratory exercises. For each absence after the second, you will lose 5 percent of your accumulated point total due to the missed work at the end of the semester. As such, three absences will drop you down a letter grade. Four absences will drop you down two full letter grades and be cause for class withdrawal. Statement on Academic Honesty Academic honesty is expected from students enrolled in courses and programs offered by the CIS Department; violations of this expectation will not be tolerated. Violations of the expectation of academic honesty include, but are not limited to: Obtaining or attempting to obtain a copy of an examination prior to its administration. The unauthorized use of study material or textbooks during an examination. Obtaining unauthorized assistance from and giving unauthorized assistance to another individual during an examination or completion of an assignment. Plagiarism in written assignments. Plagiarism includes: (a) using, copying or paraphrasing another authors materials without appropriate acknowledgment through quotation and citation; (b) unauthorized collaboration in the preparation of reports, term papers, or theses. In accordance with the Policy Statement in the College Catalog, instructors have the responsibility and right to bring cases of alleged dishonesty to department and college administrative personnel. Students involved in academic dishonesty may expect to receive a grade of F on specific assignments, as well as in the course where the assignment was made. Class Withdrawal Policy A written notice of withdrawal is required when the student desires to drop the class. The official withdrawal date is the date of notification of withdrawal. A student may be withdrawn from classes by completing a withdrawal form. Failure by the student to complete a withdrawal form or to request withdrawal in writing may result in an "F" grade for the course. A student may also be withdrawn on the recommendation of the instructor. Withdrawal may also be made necessary for lack of academic or social discipline. CIS 100_001 Introduction to Computer Systems 4 ... View Full Document

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