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Points Awarded 20.00 Points Missed 0.00 Percentage 100% 1. The Pittsburgh of the South, so named because it was an iron center, was: A) Birmingham, Alabama B) Charleston, West Virginia C) Nashville, Tennessee Points Earned: 1.0/1.0 Correct Answer(s): A 2. King Cotton survived the Civil War and expanded over new acreage: A) even as its export markets leveled off B) in spite of growing claims of collusion in the marketplace C) due to expanding its export market Points Earned: 1.0/1.0 Correct Answer(s): A 3. Perhaps the ultimate paradox of the Bourbons rule was that their paragons of white supremacy tolerated: A) laws to outlaw the Ku Klux Klan B) a lingering black voice in politics C) Radical Republican rule of the country Points Earned: 1.0/1.0 Correct Answer(s): B 4. In the case of Plessy v. Ferguson , the Supreme Court: A) ruled that a federal civil rights act could not extend to individual action B) ruled that the Fourteenth Amendments guarantee of equal protection of the laws applied to private businesses C) upheld a Louisiana segregation law Points Earned: 1.0/1.0 Correct Answer(s): C 5. ... View Full Document

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