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7 Discussion Week Question 2 Due Date: Day 4 [Main] forum Post your response to the following: Choose a popular merchandise or service company. How might the company use accounting information systems? In what ways do these systems benefit the company? In what ways might the systems be challenging for the company? Kohls is a merchandise company that would use accounting information systems as the lifeline or backbone of the business, especially since accounting systems include people, records, methods, and equipment. As a former associate, I have had the ability to learn about how Kohls operates. Kohls uses source documents to include checks, packing slips, cash register receipts, and employee time cards, to name a few. Input devices used would be scanners, both at the register and radio frequency guns that maintain inventory and pricing information. Information processors are at the store and level also at the home office. Management take reports and evaluate the sales, credit card goals, and payroll. I believe most of the information storage is at the Home Office. The information obtained from the daily reports come from there, such as sales forecasts, payroll projections, etc. Output devices are located throughout the stores and the home office in the form of registers, printers, monitors, etc. It is my opinion that the company would not be able to run efficiently without these items. They all work together to streamline the accounting process that could take an extraordinary amount of time to compile should these things not exist. The system could be challenging because most of the analysis and input relies on a human factor. Errors in reading reports or a cashier that does not properly complete a markdown on merchandise can alter the ending outcome of the reports. ... View Full Document

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