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1. (TCO 9) The hours of study and the final exam grades have this type of relationship: = 5.76(hours) + 35.31. Based on this linear regression equation, estimate the expected grade for a student spending 8 hours studying. Round your answer to two decimal places. (Points : 6) 46.08 81.39 91.45 85.29 2. (TCO 5) Historical sales records show that 40% of all customers who enter a discount department store make a purchase. We are interested in calculating the probability that 3 of 5 customers make purchase. Choose the best answer of the following: (Points : 6) This is an example of a Poisson probability experiment This is an example of a Binomial probability experiment This is neither a Poisson nor a Binomial probability experiment Not enough information to determine the type of experiment 3. (TCO 5) Microfracture knee surgery has a 75% chance of success on patients with degenerative knees. The surgery is performed on 5 patients. Find the probability of the surgery being successful on 3 or 4 patients? (Points : 6) 0.103516 0.659180 0.762695 0.642875 4. (TCO 5) It has been recorded that 10 people get killed by shark attack every year. What is the probability of having 7 or 8 people get killed by shark attack this year? (Points : 6) 0.130141 0.202678 0.220221 0.797321 5. (TCO 2) The mode teaching hours for a full time faculty at a state university is eight hours per week. What does this tell you about the typical teaching hours for full time faculty at that university? (Points : 6) Half the full time faculties teach less than eight hours per week while half teaches more than eight hours per week. ... View Full Document

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