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of FON241 Principles Human Nutrition Lesson 9 Case Study Focusing on Vitamin Balance in the Diet Brian is a 21 year-old college student who weighs 170 pounds and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He lives with several roommates in a house near his campus. Brian leads a moderately active lifestyle by playing basketball and occasionally lifting weights at the campus gym. He enjoys eating pizza or burgers and drinking beers with his friends. However, Brian thinks that the pizza and burgers are not healthy foods, so occasionally he changes dietary gears. For a day or two Brian nearly fasts. However, on these fasting days, he still allows himself to drink beer, and once a day he has a small bowl of cooked carrots and peas. Generally Brian hasn't been feeling his best: he has trouble sleeping, especially when he does his "fast," and notices his gums bleed after brushing his teeth. To figure out what is causing these symptoms he looks at his food intake on a particular, and typical, Saturday. It is as follows: Breakfast: Two frosted strawberry Pop Tarts Super 20 ounce Gatorade Lunch: Big Mac Supreme Super Size fries Super size Coke Apple pie Afternoon snack: Two cans Bud Light beer Dinner: Three slices of Pizza Hut Supreme pan pizza Eight cans Bud Light beer Snack: One slice Pizza Hut Supreme pan pizza Here is an analysis of his diet: Nutrient Amoun %RD t A Calories 4446 153 Protein 114g 197 Dietary fiber 18.9 g --- Vitamin A 424 RE 42 Thiamin B1 3.18 mg 212 Riboflavin - 3.29 B2 mg 194 Niacin - B3 45 mg 237 Vitamin B6 2.41 mg Vitamin B12 5.2 mcg 260 Folacin 472 mcg 118 Vitamin C 51.5 mg 86 Vitamin D 1.06 mcg 11 Vitamin E 21 mg 210 Calcium 1600 mg 133 Iron 24.8 mg 248 Magnesiu m 361 103 121 Phosphoru mg 1670 s mg 139 Zinc 9.5 mg 86 Alcohol 113 g --- Calorie Breakdown %kcal Protein 10 Carbohydrate 45 Fat 27 Alcohol 18 Answer each of the following questions in the text box provided. Brian is getting too much of vitamins B1, and B3, and not enough of vitamin C. He is also getting more than the RDA of B2 and B12 but these do not have any known side effects due to overdosage. Too much B1 can lead to drowsiness and relaxed muscles and too much B3 can cause dry itchy skin and liver damage. The lack of vitamin C can cause bleeding gums, dry skin, easy bruising, nosebleeds, anemia, and slow would healing. AND I would recommend that Brian take supplements for the vitamins that he lacks because of his irregular diet. He is not getting what his body needs and is causing negative side effects and causing him to not feel his best. By supplementing with vitamins such as vitamin C, Brian can alleviate some of the discomforts that he is experiencing. AND When he restricts his diets he has trouble sleeping because of the lack of nutrients that his body is getting. There are certain amino acids such as tryptophan that aid in sleeping. When he restricts his diet he is probably not getting enough tryptophan. AND By increasing his intake of vitamin C, Brians gums should stop bleeding. AND Alcohol is greatly affecting Brians nutritional status. We eat to get the nutrition our body needs for energy and to maintain bodily functions. As it is, Brian is not eating properly. The alcohol only makes it worse by inhibiting the breakdown of nutrients and inhibiting the absorption of nutrients by the body as well. ... View Full Document

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