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Week 4 Study Mate 1. (TCO 8) Which type of team generally functions on an ad-hoc basis rather than an integral part of how work is organized? A ) management teams B ) virtual teams C ) self-managed teams D ) problem-solving teams 2. (TCO 7) _____ is commonly one of the highest initial costs of a quality initiative. A ) New equipment B ) Training C ) Turnover D ) Appraisal 3. (TCO 7) Deming argued that the performance appraisal process was detrimental because it usually fails to account for _____ factors that affect individual performance. A ) system B ) personal C ) machine D ) technology 4. (TCO 8) The key stages of a team's life cycle include _____. A ) forming. B ) storming. C ) adjourning. D ) all of the above. 5. (TCO 7) Which of the following constitute methods for measuring the effectiveness of human resource practices? A ) employee satisfaction services B ) grievance levels C ) safety performance D ) a, b, and c 6. (TCO 8) In firms that implement Six Sigma efforts, _______ are often targeted as future leaders. A ) Team members. ... View Full Document

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