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What they Didnt teach us in Sales Class 1. I think Rick should turn his keys in. He didnt even go to school for professional selling. He has a very negative attitude towards his situation, and when someone has a continuous negative attitude, they wont go very far in life. Also, his wife is embarrassed by the fact that he is a salesperson. She tells everyone that he is in public relations 2. I think Mr. Brown needs to be a little more positive about Ricks situation. He needs to motivate Rick to want to sell. Instead of telling Rick to go out and buy a raincoat, he should be telling Rick to take that time, clear his head and spend it with his new wife. There are also incentive tools that Mr. Brown could use to make Ricks job a little more fun. He needs to tell Rick that selling does get better; its not as bad as what it seems. For someone who is brand new to selling, its very scary, and its definitely not for everyone.... View Full Document

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