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to Introduction Public Policy Political Science 2070-1 Dr. Belinda Creel Davis 232 Stubbs Hall 578-2129 Tues, Thurs 10:40-12:00 211 Tureaud Office Hrs: by appointment or Monday 9:30-11:30 Wednesday 2:00-3:00 The purpose of this course is to introduce you to public policy by examining 1) what is public policy 2) how markets and government policy interact and 3) how we determine if we need a particular policy and if a policy solution works. Course Requirements You are expected to come to class prepared to participate in the discussion of the days reading assignment. The textbook for the course is Introduction to Public Policy by Charles Wheelan. All students must abide by the Student Academic Honor Code. Cheating will not be tolerated. All electronic devices (cell phones, ipads, laptops, etc) must be placed inside a zipped backpack during exams. Failure to place electronic devices inside a zipped backpack will be considered cheating. Exams There are three exams in the course. Each exam is worth 120 points and will consist of 40 multiple choice questions (2 points each) and four short answer questions (10 points each). Exams are not cumulative. If you miss an exam, you may take the makeup exam the day of the final exam (immediately following the final exam). Makeup exams consist of two essay questions worth 60 pts each. You will need a scantron for each exam. Quizzes There will be 10 pop quizzes or assignments scattered throughout the course. Each quiz or assignment is worth 15 points. Only 8 quizzes/assignments will count towards your grade so if you take all 10, I will count the best 8 of the 10 grades. Quizzes may consist of information from the previous class lecture or the assigned reading. THERE ARE NO MAKEUPS ON QUIZZES/ASSIGNMENTS. There are no exceptions to this rule. Quizzes must be turned in the day the quiz is given. Assignments must be turned in during class on the day they are due. Presidential Candidates Policy Stances A 2 page single spaced paper (using Times New Roman 12 point font with one inch margins) will be due on October 27th. You may choose any Republican presidential candidate and any of their policy stances on the following job topics: creation, health care, tax policy, fiscal responsibility, and foreign affairs. You must contrast their stance with that of President Obama in terms of 1) why government should or should not be involved in this policy arena and 2) whether or not Obamas policies have been a success or failure in this particular policy area. This paper is worth 20 pts. Grading Scale Total Assignments Exam 450-500 A 108-120 A 400-449 B 96-120 B 350-399 C 84-120 C 300-349 D 72-120 D 0-299 F 0-71 F Bonus Points Each of you starts the semester with 5 bonus points that are yours to lose. You lose them by emailing me and asking me a question the answer to which can readily be found on this syllabus or on LSUs website. Reading Schedule August 23rd Introduction to Class th August 25 Chapter 1: Public Decision Making August 30th Chapter 2: What Is It So Hard to Make the World A Better Place? st September 1 Chapter 3: Understanding Rational Man and Woman September 6th Chapter 4: Understanding Group Behavior: Collective Action th September 8 Chapter 5: Evaluating Social Welfare September 13thChapter 5: Evaluating Social Welfare and Social Security (moodle reading) September 15thCatch Up and Review September 20thExam One September 22nd Chapter 6: The Political Process September 27thChapter 7: The Market System September 29thChapter 8: The Role of Government October 4th Chapter 8: The Role of Government October 6th Chapter 9: Gathering and Measuring Information th October 11 Chapter 9: Gathering and Measuring Information October 18th Chapter 10: Basic Data Analysis th October 20 Chapter 10: Basic Data Analysis October 25th Exam Two th October 27 Chapter 11: Introduction to Regression Analysis/Paper Due November 1st Chapter 11: Introduction to Regression Analysis November 3rd Chapter 12: Cost-Benefit Analysis th November 8 Chapter 12: Cost-Benefit Analysis November 10th Chapter 13: Program Evaluation th November 15 Chapter 13: Program Evaluation November 17th Chapter 14: The Role of Institutions nd November 22 Chapter 14: The Role of Institutions November 29th Chapter 15: Policy Design st December 1 Review and Catch Up December 7th Exam Three (10-12) and Makeup Exams ... View Full Document

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